Swimming for Weight Loss

Have you taken up swimming as a sport to help you to lose weight? If you have, you are not alone because most people know that swimming is an effective way to tone muscles and lose weight. This is why the public swimming pools everywhere are always packed in the evenings and on weekends.

If you can’t do any other type of exercise, you should do your best to swim regularly for the sake of cardiovascular health.

Swimming is considered by many as one of the best exercises or sports to lose weight and to tone muscles because when you swim, most of your muscles are called into action and you are actually having a full body workout. Furthermore, swimming also has an aerobic effect and so the heart and lungs are getting their dose of exercise as well.

One thing that you should know. In recent research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, it was demonstrated that in the absence of a controlled diet, swimming has little effect on weight loss. In combination with that diet, swimming can not only help you to feel better, it can help you to lose weight and tone your body.

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